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#10 Terry Rinker - Formula 2

Racer Information:

Races Out Of: Tampa, FL
Boat Design: Caniff
Engine: Mercury
Years Racing: 31
Crew Chief: James Chambers
Team Colors: Yellow and Black
Pastimes: Powerboat Cruising, Hockey
Website: http://www.rinker10.com/
Facebook Page: Amsoil Rinker Racing

Career Highlights:

1972 Started racing in J-Stock Hydro
1990 Raced SST-45 in the Superleague inaugeral race in Tampa
1995 First Superleague win in Huntington, WV
Since 1995, Terry has been racing different series that feature the Mod U and Champ Classes of Tunnel Boats and has won more races on these tours than all other competitors
Seven consecutive victories in 2006 and series championships in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008
2006 APBA Hall of Champions
2008 APBA Hall of Champions
2008 Mod U National Champion
2008 Competed on the Superleague Tour in Formula 2 for the first time in 11 years and finished 2nd in Aurora, IN
2009 High Points: 11th
2010 High Points: Top 5 (2nd)
2010 Best Dressed Team Award
2010 Most Improved Driver Award
2011 Superleague Formula 2 Champion (1st)
2011 String of 5 Wins/ Pittsburgh, Marietta, Huntington, Aurora, Kankakee
2011 North American Champion 2011 APBA National Champion
2011 APBA High Points Champion
2011 Inducted in APBA Hall of Champions for the third time
2011 APBA SST-120 National Champion
2012 Superleague SST-120 Champion (1st)
2012 First Driver to sweep all the tour races in Formula 2 (6) in one season
2012 Extended Formula 2 Record Win Streak to 11
2012 North American Champion
2012 APBA SST-120 High Points Champion
2012 National Champion in classes, SST-120, SST-200, Formula 1 and Mod U.
2012 APBA Hall of Champions
2012 Established the following 1/4 Mile Straightaway Records in New Martinsville, WV:

SST-120 105.724 mph
SST-200 128.434 mph
Formula 1 126.064 mph
Formula 150 138.473 mph
Mod U 144.346 mph


2012 Broke the existing 1/4 Mile Straightaway Record in New Martinsville, WV    

SST-120 116.299

2013 SST-200 Tour Champion (1st)
2013 National Champion in classes- SST-120, SST-200, Formula 1 and Mod U
2013 APBA Hall of Champions
2013 North American Champion in classes SST-120 and SST-200