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Powerboat Superleague – Just the facts

Since 1986, Superleague has conducted over 138 racing events, coast-to-coast. Over the past 23 years, the series has raced on two continents and in four countries. An estimated 700,000 fans watch the action up-front during the season with another 25 million viewing the action during the selected national and international television broadcasts in cooperation with of Romesburg Media Group LLC.

Powerboat Superleague offers daytime entertainment designed to meet the needs of local communities, in particular the local organizer’s sponsors and area spectators. The racing events are held close to shore on rivers, lakes and small bays/coves. The boats are all state-of-the-art in design and power, piloted by experienced drivers (most of them hold national and international titles and records).

A privately owned partnership, APR Events Group and its national circuit Powerboat Superleague, is committed to producing professional events where spectators can expect to see exciting championship racing and equally important, where local producers and local sponsors can receive value for their participation. We work with the community host by partnering with a non-profit organization for program enhancement, serving as a catalyst for funding the organization’s area projects, or by focusing specific attention on a community need. We also work with festivals, supporting and providing entertainment.

Powerboat Superleague is a member of and sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association (APBA) the recognized authority (since 1903) in the United States for amateur and professional boat racing. We are member of the Union International Motonautique (UIM) the world sanctioning body for international events.

Referred to as the “next wave” in powerboat racing, an event that includes the Superleague circuit promises excellent competition and high standards of professionalism; a safe well-managed race that benefits everyone involved.

Powerboat Superleague Staff

Sam and Sherron Winer -
Partners/Owners of Powerboat Superleague

Sam serves as Race Director and Sherron as the Risk Manager/Promotions Director. Sam also prepares permits, sanctions and insurance forms; Sherron is the timer for the races. Both work on site development and public relations. Sam is a Past National President of the US Junior Chamber of Commerce. They are headquartered in New Martinsville, West Virginia.

Jim Bremer - Chief Referee and Safety Inspector
A former driver in the Mod VP class, Jim knows first-hand the necessity of having your equipment in good working order. As a former instructor (recently retired) for Yahmaha (headquarters in Atlanta), Jim has trained national award winners in engine competition. His technical knowledge is always available to teams and once a year, Jim creates a Saturday seminar for Superleague participants, sharing his expertise on a number of subjects including engine set up. Jim is married to Marie, the Superleague computer expert.

Ron Plaxco - Chief Referee
Ron started with Superleague in 1987 as an assistant Referee and moved into the Chief position in 1990. He is from Sulpher Springs, Texas and a former driver, competing in the Mod VP and SST 60 classes.

Jeff Titus - Chief Inspector
Jeff has one of the most difficult jobs on the circuit, enforcing the technical rules. In addition to serving as Superleague’s Chief Inspector, Jeff is the Chief Inspector for the United States sanctioning body – APBA. Married to the Chief Scorer, Jeff owns Performance Propellers, a specialty propeller design service for race boat and high-performance pleasure craft. Jeff has been a national champion in the EP and Sport E classes.

David Black - Pit Manager
Before becoming a part of Powerboat Superleague, David was part of Bill Cosby’s racing team. Experience with team sports including an illustrious football career at the University of Tennessee gives David the necessary tools to keep the Superleague teams moving and the race program on track in the pit and launch areas. David now makes his home in Georgia.

Roger Moser - Assistant Referee
Roger joined the Superleague officiating staff in 2000 after a successful career of personal racing and then guiding his son Heath to a number of championships in three classes – Sport C, Formula Three and Formula Two. Roger makes his home in Longview, Texas.

Sally Titus - Chief Scorer
Making sure that every driver is accounted for, every lap, every time is the official job description for Sally. However, her work does not stop there. Sally also serves as the secretary of the Board of Directors for the national sanctioning organization as well as heading the national scoring committee. Married to Jeff Titus, they reside in Lake Placid, Florida.

Mike Tilton - Voice of Powerboat Superleague
The excitement generated among the fans is attributed to Mike Tilton, affectionately known as Mr. Mike–ro-phone. Mike spends countless hours working on developing the entertaining patter that fans have come to love. Married to Ms. Janie, Mike also contributes to the body of public relations and media that appear on the web site after each race. A former competitor in the Mini Grand Prix class, and a past race promoter, Mike knows first hand about racing and the value of good publicity.

Tim Calhoun - Director of Safety/ Rescue
Tim joined the circuit in the 1990s, serving as the dive coordinator. He was elevated to the director position in 2004. Under Tim’s guidance, Superleague has the best rescue team in the business. Working with the core group of four members, Tim creates a synergy between the local rescue units, patrol boats and ambulance staff. Tim is a native West Virginian from Huntington.

Lee Bias - Assistant Director of Safety
The guidelines for local rescue participation were conceived and written by Lee. His forethought has made the transition for local personnel and divers to being part of the Superleague team seamless, providing the best on-water rescue in the racing business. Lee makes his home in Huntington, West Virginia.

Trent Damron, Toney Calhoun and Brad Wheeler -
Rescue Divers

All of these men are the uniquely trained divers that make up the primary rescue unit for Superleague. Each of them also serves their communities as members of the area search, rescue and emergency teams – important in the mining state of West Virginia.

Marie Bremer - Chief Computer Scoring
Marie makes the scoring program work, providing real-time results for the Chief Scorer and the announcer. Working with the program developers, Marie has contributed several adaptations to keep the program current. Originally from the mid-west, (Wisconsin) both Jim and Marie now make their home in the sunny south (Atlanta).

Janie Tilton - Master Scorer
Affectionately known as Ms Janie, she keeps the master data sheets for each racing heat, from the preliminaries and qualifiers to the championship finals. Her friends will tell you, that in their opinion, Ms Janie’s primary function is to keep everyone laughing and finding new madcap adventures for female staff night out. Married to Mike Tilton, they live in Luling, Louisiana, near the airport in New Orleans. Janie also competed in the Mini Grand Prix class.

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