Weekend Warrior

In cooperation with Eco-First, we are proud to announce the WEEKEND WARRIOR, an incentive program for Powerboat Superleague members attending 2013 scheduled races.*  One $100 check will be awarded to a driver/team in each of the two Superleague classes: F2 and F3.  Checks will be presented during the Sunday morning drivers’ briefing and will be announced to the public during the individual finals.

All Powerboat Superleague members are eligible and to qualify you must attend:

Basic Training

  • Driver/team must be a current Powerboat Superleague member in good standing (no current red or yellow cards)
  • One driver/team per F3/SST 60 and F2/SST 120 and SST 200 (Note that F2 is considered as one class for this incentive program)
  • Warrior status is not connected to points standings

Once you pass through Basic Training, there’s:

Boot Camp

  • Driver/team must have raced on the first day of the scheduled event and be on the starting grid for their class final
  • Weekend Warriors will be chosen by lottery from the pool of registered drivers for each race
  • Once a driver/team has won a weekend warrior check they will no longer be eligible to win again until all participants have had an opportunity
  • Driver/team must be available for photos and interview on Sunday
  • Photo and brief interview will be posted on the Superleague Facebook page and the web site’s BUZZ

* scheduled races exclude Kankakee, IL and New Martinsville


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