ToolBox Tuesday May 12, 2015 A Few Toolbox Essentials

Last week’s edition quickly became Tacklebox Tuesday when the urge to go fishing in the mountains became a reality. Since the fish were not cooperating, we had time to think about toolbox/tackle box essentials.Some things are universal and we have listed a few of our favorites.

Beyond the obvious, we discovered (after a bit of research) that motorsports pit crews have items in their toolbox to get almost any job done. From NASCAR to dirt track, motocross to powerboats, pit crews have a few universal favorites:

  • Duct Tape — The reason anyone uses duct tape is simple; it’s quick and easy. It will hold parts together (hopefully) until the end of the race and is often referred to as  200 mph tape, a well-earned nickname. For a price you can find this essential in your favorite racing colors including a black and white checkered pattern.

  • BearBond — Sometimes duct tape isn’t enough and this is really strong stuff, an appropriate name for sheets of really strong adhesive to use for patching large areas. One sheet takes the place of lots of strips of duct tape but beware it’s tricky to work with and you’ll need lots of Goo-Gone if you get stuck. This product isn’t always easy to find (not available in New Martinsville, WV) but it’s worth the effort to track down.

  • WD-40 — One small can with almost endless possibilities:as a lubricant, as a cleaner, for protection against corrosion, to free stuck parts and to restore wet or flooded equipment such as engines, spark plugs and power tools.

  • Utility Blades and Holders, supply of glues, assortment of small nails, screws washers, nuts and bolts, electrical tape and zip-ties– All of these make quick work for on-site rapid repair.

The ability to meet an emergency with a quick fix is often the difference between a podium finish and remaining in the pits while everyone else is on the racecourse.



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