Superleague Training Capsule Completed

With our thanks to Dana Tomes and the Herd Racing team, we are pleased to announce the completion of the Powerboat Superleague training capsule.  Buzz has been following the progress from taking Neal Haraway’s former SST 120 boat to the fully-refurbished training tool.  Tomes noted that the exterior of the capsule has been power-washed, refinished and painted – in Superleague colors – the windshield has been buffed and the interior has been painted and outfitted with a set of new seat belts.  Launch and inauguration of the trainer will be in Elgin, IL, where the media has been invited to take part in the process.  If you need capsule training for the 2011 season, be sure to sign up for a slot in Elgin on Friday, June 17th.  Additional sessions will be held in Marietta.

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