Superleague Presents Tuesday Tool Box: information on tools and tips to improve your race program — STOPWATCHES

Research and reviews of three stopwatches, reasonably priced and readily available plus the MPH formula

Benefits to your race program: we all know that there are plenty of stopwatch apps for your phone and they work just fine. Why are we recommending the purchase of a separate stopwatch?  Raw data acquisition during testing and racing is important and you may not have sufficient battery for an entire test session or you may need your phone for other applications and primarily we know that backup information is invaluable.  After reviewing a number of watches currently in the marketplace we found three, ranging in price from $23.50 to $8.95. Each can be purchased via the Internet and can often be found in your local sporting goods store.

ULTRACK 360 – This is an economical stopwatch/timer with recallable memory. Water-resistant, the watch has a back light feature with an easy-to-read face. The large two-row display gives you real time data as well as recall information. When in use, the bottom number is total lapsed time and runs continually until you press “stop;” the top number shows you the most recent split and can be adjusted to show the individual lap time.  Recall times by advancing forwards or backwards during and after your sessions.  The device runs on a lithium battery, includes a limited three-year warranty and comes with a lanyard. Average listed retail price is $23.50 (USD).

ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor A601X – The Pro Survivor is a durable and economical device with an extra-large display for basic timing needs.  It does not have the recall memory feature but does have a two button function, one is a simple start/stop (right) while the left button can show cumulative/split timing. If you want to remember split times you need to have pencil and paper handy.  Water resistant up to 100 feet, the stopwatch comes with a lanyard and carries a limited five-year warranty.  Average listed retail price is $18.50 (USD).

MARATHON Adanac 3000 – If reliable basic real time data is your criteria, then the Adanac model from Marathon is an excellent choice.  This watch times single and split events; displays times in minutes, seconds and 1/100th seconds with time-out modes and separate start/stop and reset buttons. It’s an accurate, economy timer that is dust and water resistant and like the others, comes with a lanyard.  Average listed retail price is $8.95 (USD).

Want to translate the lap time into speed? If you know the total distance of the course and you have a calculator with a floating decimal point, Edgar Rose (past APBA President) developed the following formula: MPH = 0.6818182 x (number of laps) x (lap length in feet) divided by time + 0.0005.


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