Superleague Adds Bonus Points and Bonus Races in New Martinsville

While most of you are preparing for Kankakee and we wish all of you safe and exciting racing – Powerboat Superleague is pleased to announce a season-ending bonus event in New Martinsville, WV.  This is the venue where records are set – 26 of them last year and a whopping 89 over the past years; this is the location for extremely fast water and southern hospitality.  Superleague is offering the chance to add to your Superleague and APBA point totals. The race in New Martinsville is now the Region 4 championship for F3/SST 60 and the NE Divisionals for F2/SST 120/SST 200.

Since we cannot give the normal purse/prize package, this is considered a normal APBA race and a Superleague bonus-points only event.  The following will be used for calculation: 10 Superleague points for registering for the ¼ mile record run, 10 Superleague points for breaking the existing record, 10 Superleague bonus points for registering to race in your class, regular plus additional championship APBA points as defined in the rule book for your finish position, Superleague bonus points (as defined in our rules) using the descending 10-point scale.  Currently the local committee and Superleague are raising additional funds to offer prize money in addition to the points, as soon as we close the sponsorship drive we will announce the purse.  Entry fee, per class, will be $35.  This amount includes the 6-pass run for a record as well as the race scheduled for your class.  Additional entries for setting records in other OPC classes are $35 each.

Check your schedules and find time to join us in New Martinsville – world headquarters for Powerboat Superleague – and the home of FAST fun.


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