Superleague’s High Flying Rookie – Jeff Vasko – in the Top Three

Powerboat racing isn’t easy.  If you grew up in a racing family you have built-in mentors and immediate access to a community of experts, but it still isn’t easy.  When you are absolutely new to the sport the learning curve is steep and to race requires more than just a little determination.  Superleague has a true rookie with “true grit” – Jeff Vasko (#13, E3 Spark Plugs, Logan, OH).  Vasko has quickly grown into a tunnel boat pilot with a little help from his teammate and mentor Dan Bunting (#50 Flex Seal, Columbus, OH).  Bunting understands that for the sport to grow we need to bring in more/new drivers and over the off-season he began to recruit.  Offering help with a racing rig and plenty of advice with a few test sessions, Bunting has found two new drivers and Vasko has surpassed all expectations.  Finishing his first race in Knoxville against seasoned class veterans gave Jeff an excellent start.  With his third place finish in Huntington, West Virginia, Vasko is now in second place for the Powerboat Superleague F3 High-Points Championship.

Dan Bunting and Jeff Vasko

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