Superleague’s Aurora Indiana Race Moving Downriver

After a run of 14 years, Powerboat Superleague and the A Roar of Thunder race committee (Aurora, IN) have concluded that a race in their city is not possible for the 2013 season.   While Superleague won’t be in Aurora this August, they will be in Rising Sun – 8.7 miles down the road (Route 56); same dates, same exciting racing, just a different location.

“Earlier this year, Charlotte Hastings (Chairman of the Aurora event) and her committee let us know that with the planned road construction –which takes in about 50% of the event area– was creating logistic problems.  The community from the mayor’s office to fans worked to find a solution but it became apparent that without sufficient area, there could be no race,” explained Superleague. “We appreciate everything that Charlotte, Mayor Donnie Hastings, Debbie Smith and the Dearborn County Convention, Visitor & Tourism Bureau, Bill Black and all of the countless volunteers have done to accommodate Superleague over the past fourteen years.  Their dedication to an idea and then working to make it happen set a standard for towns everywhere.”

Located on the Ohio River just southeast of Cincinnati, Ohio, Aurora Indiana became a favorite Superleague race, winning many Best Site awards.  Large crowds of spectators became knowledgeable fans, many became friends.  This small river town opened its doors and its purse strings to create memorable weekends for everyone. “We are grateful to all of them for giving us so many years of racing.  We hope that the friendships made will continue and we certainly want all of them to join us at our new home in Rising Sun, just a few miles down the road.


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