Status of Marietta, Ohio Race – Event continues to move forward

We have been carefully monitoring the river stages in Marietta, Ohio (we do this for every river event, every time). Additionally, we have been in contact with the
US Army Corps of Engineers (charged with managing the hydraulic flow at the series of locks and dams on the river) for updated river conditions both current and long-range.  With the event scheduled for July 11-12, 10 days away, we have been assured that the river at Marietta will continue to fall and there is no reason to cancel the scheduled races. The long range weather forecast does not predict rain every day.

We personally live on the Ohio River (it is part of our yard, which makes going fishing easy) just north of Marietta. We are intimately familiar with this body of water, the lock system (Hannibal lock can be seen from our yard) and what can be anticipated given the weather circumstances (today and for the next 10 days). Our friends at the Hannibal lock advised us that the river will be at, near or maybe even below pool stage this weekend. The river here and at Marietta has never been at or even near flood stage.

Concern for an event is understandable and we know that all of you must travel a long distance to attend so we want to reassure everyone that we are aware of river conditions and the factors that impact those conditions. We do ask that before you post on Facebook, you contact us directly for current and accurate information.

Continue to get ready to crank it up for the APBA/OPC SST 120 and SST 60 National Championships in Marietta, Ohio, July 11-12. We’ll see all of you there!


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