SST 60 Class Invited to Race Bradenton Area River Regatta in 2019

SST 60 teams, it’s not too early to start planning your winter weekend in Florida.

The Bradenton Area River Regatta has added your class to the race card because exit surveys clearly indicated that what most spectators wanted to see was more powerboat racing. Event organizers came to us asking if it would be possible to add a cla

ss, and gave us funding to bring the SST 60 class to Bradenton, Florida on February 9.

We have not finalized the prize money payout, but we do know that we will be paying all teams, SST 120 and SST 60, $0.50/per mile (one-way to the race

site) per entry. We will also guarantee trophies; the prize money (yes, there will be prize money in addition to tow money) will depend on total numbers of entries received. Your event entry fee will be no more than $100, and of course, there is no Superleague membership charge for participation. The only requirement is that you be a current APBA member and that you (capsule training) and your racing equipment meets or exceeds the rules. We do require working radio communication between each driver and his/her designated radio person. Working radios are not only a safety feature but also a benefit for expediting the race program.

As information becomes available, it will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page. Now, get ready for an early start to the 2019 racing season –crank it up for Bradenton, Florida on February 9 during the fifth running of the Bradenton Area River Regatta.


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