A major thank you from Superleague to Jim Bremer for all of his work on the newly refurbished primary rescue boat.  Jim has assembled a new powerhead (from scratch using all new parts), re-wired the power trim, constructed a new platform for the fuel tanks, and batteries, serviced the gearcase, and added a new water pump. New scuppers have been installed; covers made if that doesn’t solve the water problem. A new water separator installed with an extra in the storage box along with an extra water pump impeller and another set of scuppers.  Additionally, the entire hull – interior and exterior – has been power-washed and painted.  Jim knows how much is required of rescue (Jim’s a former Mod VP driver) and he knows how important it is to have the rescue boat in good condition, ready to meet every contingency that life in the Superleague fast lane presents.  Over the winter he secured a donated engine (albeit in pieces) and has spent his spring doing all of the work.  It was quite an undertaking but because Jim continues to be concerned about all of you and your safety he committed his time and invaluable experience.  We are so grateful to Jim; when each of you has a moment, be sure to thank him personally.

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