Superleague wishes F3 driver, Tammy Wolf-Jakob (#8, Clifton, IL) the best racing possible as she leaves for Rouen today (May 22).  Known as a fierce competitor on the circuit, Tammy joins the first all-female team for the famed 24-hour race with the added distinction to be the first female in North America to be invited.  Based on past performance, we know she will do well and in the spirit of the event – “bonne chance dans le 24-heures de Rouen.”

Tammy sent a quick email from the airport to let us know that you can follow her progress as well as that of the entire team by going to the Mercury Racing blog ( or on Facebook at

Many of you remember Yvonne Koenig (Germany), who raced with Superleague during 201 for Joe Schulte.  Koenig is also slated to race in Rouen and we also send best wishes to her.  Follow Yvonne on Facebook at


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