New Martinsville Records Run – 60 Years ago and now

We came across some interesting media coverage of the New Martinsville records runs from 1953.  The New York Times printed four articles and results from the Imperial Gold Cup Regatta, noting that “several pilots achieved the goal that has become a popular vogue.”  One of the new world records was set by B.G. Bartley, Sr. of Pittsburgh, PA in the Wildcatter, a 7-litre inboard hydroplane with an average of 102,278 mph.

On hand for the Imperial Cup regatta were some famous unlimited hydroplanes:  the Stanley Sayers’ Slo-Mo-Shun (Seattle, WA) driven by Joe Taggert, two boats from the Schaefer fleet:Chuck Thompson (Detroit) behind the wheel of the Such Crust III,  Bill Cantrell in the Such Crust V, Lee Schoenith and the Gale II and the rebuilt Miss Wayne with “Doc” Terry driving.

Last year (2012), record runs returned to New Martinsville, this time the goal was to set the ¼ mile.  28 entries from the Inboard, OPC and Stock categories set or broke 22 records – in itself a record for the number set at one event.  This year, New Martinsville’s Records Challenge expects to see entrants from all APBA categories as well as a few special event categories including a bass boat and a rigid inflatable.  Reserve the date – the last weekend in September and join us in New Martinsville home of 85 national/world records.

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