The racing demons appeared only once over the Huntington Classic event weekend– enough to cause a delay of the entire F3 (SST 60) program on Saturday afternoon.  However, there was enough time built into the Sunday portion of the event to allow all time trials and qualifying heats as well as the originally scheduled Divisional Championship final.  When the overall qualifier points were tallied, Tammy Wolf-Jakob had grabbed the F3 starting grid pole position, followed by Rob Rinker and Sam Miller.

For the first time, the F2 group was divided into classes – all of the SST 120s ran together during qualifying followed by the SST 200 entries.  Fans enjoyed the change-up and the time trials predicted plenty of close racing.  Once the two groups were merged, Donny Lick, on time, would hold the pole position in the F2 final followed by Terry Rinker and Rob DiNicolantonio.

Primed, pumped and ready – F2 teams completed all last minute preparations, headed to the ramp and entered the racecourse for the APBA Divisional Championship final.  The entire park, which runs for more than a ¼ mile, was full of spectators, enjoying the unexpectedly cool temperatures and waiting for the flash of the starter’s flag.  Knowing the small differences in times, the lead would not be determined until the tight fleet had negotiated the downriver turns and entered the front straight.  Rinker had an early lead but it would be anyone’s race to win.  In the end, leading all thirty laps, Terry raced under the checkered three and ½ seconds in front of the second place boat – Mark Proffitt followed by Dan Orchard in third.

If anyone thought that the excitement was finished, they were quickly jolted into reality by the first lap of the F3 Divisional finale.  Wolf Jakob grabbed the early lead but with quickly changing conditions – from rough downriver turns to a few stomach-churning holes on the back stretch to tight quarters on pins three and four gave her no advantage.  Rob Rinker squeezed past and took the lead early but could not develop a comfort zone until the last few laps.  Sam Miller and Tammy continually tightened their positions and constantly looked for an opening in traffic and for Rob to make a critical error.  By the end of twenty laps, Rinker raced past the checkered and took home first place, followed by Sam Miller and Wolf-Jakob.

Overall positions are listed below.  For a complete rundown by class including all time trial and qualifying heat results go to the Race Results tab on this web site.

F3 APBA Divisional Championship

1 – Rob Rinker, 2- Sam miller, 3- Tammy Wolf-Jakob, 4- Mike Webster, 5- Bill Mastro, 6- Dan Bunting, 7- Steve DiNicolantonio, 8- Roger LeGrand.  Carole Reno did not start the final due to a damaged boat.

F2 Overall – see individual classes for APBA Divisional Championship Results

1- Terry Rinker, 2- Mark Proffitt, 3- Dan Orchard, 4- Merv Bjork, 5- Donny Lick, 6- Lee Daniel, 7- Ashton Rinker, 8- Del Book, 9- Brent Dillard, 10- Jerry Guinn, 11- Rob DiNicolantonio, 12- Dana Tomes


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