Hooper’s run to the podium was flawless; from earning the pole during the qualifying session on Saturday to the victory lap on Sunday the “magic man” raced his way to the top.  Leading all twenty laps, Hooper finessed his way through the ten-boat field more than two seconds in front of Roddy Foreman.

    Foreman’s second place was remarkable – from a last place slot on the starting grid, Foreman improved his position and earned him his third podium appearance this season with Superleague. 

    Tammy Wolf-Jakob could never be counted out; tight traffic, difficult downriver turns and excellent driving skills kept her in the hunt throughout the event and handed her the final spot – third place.

F3 MARIETTA RIVERFRONT ROAR FINAL RESULTS: 1-Mike Hooper, 2-Roddy Foreman, 3-Tammy Wolf-Jakob, 4-Rob Rinker, 5-Carole Reno, 6-Toby hood, 7-Bill Mastro, 8-Gordon Downard, 9-Dan bunting, 10-DanaTomes.  Complete results from time trials through qualifying sessions to the finals will be posted to this web site later this week.

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