It’s difficult to believe that anything is missing from Terry Rinker’s resume.  The newly crowned NAC, earned during the Pittsburgh three Rivers Regatta, moved down river from to Marietta, OH to earn the Vadakin Cup.  Posting a blistering time in time trials, finishing first in the combined overall qualifying heats and then racing post to post through a field of 15 competitors, Rinker’s name is now etched on the Waterford trophy, joining 11 other illustrious F2/SST120 drivers – those fortunate enough to have won the F2 final in Marietta, OH.

     Mark Jakob, with plenty of speed, was often caught in traffic and while gaining on the #10 entry ran out of time as the flag came down on the 30th lap giving him a solid second place and a good recovery from his disappointing finish the week before.  J. Michael Floyd, dicing it out with first Donnie McDowell and then Donny Lick grabbed and then held on to earn the third spot.

     The only incident of the afternoon came when Jeff Reno had difficulty in the up river turns, barrel-rolled and caused the race to briefly stop.  Reno, unable to continue racing his damaged boat went to the start dock to assist other drivers.

F2 MARIETTA RIVERFRONT ROAR FINAL RESULTS: 1-Terry Rinker, 2-Mark Jakob, 3-J.Michael Floyd, 4-Donnie McDowell, 5-Mark Welch, 6-Jim McGrath, 7-Donny Lick, 8-Mervin Bjork, 9-Tyler Welch, 10 Ruben Ascencio, 11-Stacy Funk, 12-Dana Tomes, 13-Jerry Guinn, 14 Jeff Reno, DNS – Del Book.  Complete results from Timed laps through qualifying heats to the finals will be posted to this web site at a later date.

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