It is with a breaking heart that I am sharing the sad news that Marie Bremer has died.  Jim called me this morning to let us know.  His grief is beyond description.  Hold Jim and Marie and their family in your hearts and thoughts, there will be some very difficult days ahead for Jim and Kurt (their son).

Details concerning the memorial service are incomplete at this time.  When I receive the information, it will be posted to Buzz.

Please wait on your phone calls until later, Jim really needs today for attending to necessary details and for the beginning of acceptance of this new reality.  But do reach out to him, emails today, cards and letters and of course, if you are able, phone calls next week.  He may not be able to talk; you may need to speak to his sister Gretchen.

With hugs for each of you, we are a part of a very special and unique powerboat family and an important part in the lives of two exceptional people, Marie and Jim.


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