As of this morning, August 24, we have had no response to our repeated inquiries from Kankakee that the Superleague provisions, which have been in place since the OPC Commission required us (Powerboat Superleague) to make the OPC National Championships a series race, will be honored.  Emails and phone calls have gone unanswered.  After hearing from a driver in Aurora that things would be different this year in Kankakee, we attempted during Sunday in Aurora and throughout this week to find clarification and answers to our questions.  This complete lack of communication has forced us to publish the following so that all of you are informed and aware of the circumstances and the changes that we must make in order to be as fair as possible to all of you.

#1 – Since the event has been on our schedule since October of last year, we will issue Superleague points for this race but we will not issue bonus points.

#2 – Yearend bonus points for attending all races will no longer include attendance at Kankakee.

#3 – Earned free entry fees for the Ironwomen and Ironmen of Superleague and current tour champions will probably not be honored.  Since we are not the conducting APBA club (GLBC is the club of record) for this event and because no one will communicate the 2012 Kankakee policy, we cannot guarantee that your support and loyalty will be honored.

#4 – We have reviewed the APBA sanction as it appears on line at the official APBA web site.  A complete payout schedule is not listed; you must request this.    We could not find an entry fee amount for the F3/SST 60 class; we know that this is an oversight but it would be wise to ask about the amount.  This morning we let the OPC Chairman know about the omission and he promised to include the SST 60 entry fee on the sanction.

Unfortunately we did not hear of any potential changes to the 4-year old agreement between Kankakee and Superleague until our race in Aurora last weekend.  We will remind everyone that this is the OPC National Championship and for those of you racing – we wish you the best of good water, good conditions and great as well as safe racing.


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