Huntington Preview

Greater Huntington, WV and the tri-state area eyes were on the Ohio River Wednesday evening for a preview of the Huntington Classic powerboat races.  Through the efforts of the local organizers, Schooner’s Waterfront Grille, Superleague Rescue, Ceredo Rescue and local driver Dana Tomes, fans crowded the decks of the restaurant as they watched Dana put the F3 boat (photo on the front page of the Thursday Herald Dispatch sports section) and then his newest addition to the Herd Racing fleet, the F2 boat, through their respective paces.  Event sponsors, supporters and the media (2 television stations and the newspaper) had the opportunity to meet Dana, inspect the boats and learn about the event scheduled for August 6-7 – a return of racing to the area.  Kids were encouraged to climb aboard the Mod U display to sit in the cockpit and indulge in their favorite racing fantasy.

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