ECO-FIRST, INC. Continues Superleague OPERATION GREEN PROP Sponsorship

Superleague’s Operation Green Prop initiative started with a simple idea: making a commitment to become more environmentally responsible.  Eco-First, Inc., a company dedicated to “making the earth a better place,” understood the circuit’s position and in 2011 became the first Green Prop sponsor.   With the underwriting of a portion of the yearend prize fund and providing a recycling service, the Eco-First sponsorship gave credibility to the program and deflected some of the early skepticism.  Ready to start the second season of reduce, reuse and recycle, Superleague is pleased to announce that Eco-First is returning as a Green Prop sponsor, continuing their programs from 2011: the recycling service to the teams and a $1,000 contribution to the yearend end points fund. 

   “It would be easy to use the going-green buzzwords as a marketing ploy but we believe in positive action.  Eco-First and their continuing sponsorship demonstrate how a cooperative effort between the racing series and the need for a responsible hazardous waste recycling program can create that positive action,” explained Sherron Winer, Powerboat Superleague partner.    Eco-first will continue to bring two waste-disposal barrels to all Superleague events.  One container will be used for materials such as oily rags, pads and other absorbent materials not suitable for local trash collection.  The other barrel will collect old gearcase oils, old fuels and other petroleum liquids – those products no longer viable for racing.  Eco-First will see that everything is recycled properly.

“Our company is excited about continuing as a part of APR Superleague’s Operation Green Prop.  Eco-First is proud to support the circuit’s efforts to minimize the potential negative impact to area landfills by giving the participants an easy and eco-friendly method to dispose of waste materials,” Sterling Ayers, Eco-First Operations Manager said.  “Eco-First strives to be an industry leader in recycling efforts and we commend Superleague’s management and teams for working to help preserve nature’s race course.”      

Detailed information on Eco-First and their recycling efforts can be found by clicking on their web site:   Continuing information on Superleague’s Operation Green Prop can be accessed by visiting then clicking the menu tabs: Buzz for the latest/breaking news and the going green – giving back tab for in-depth information as it becomes available. Have an idea of how we can make our green efforts better?  Go to the contact us page on our web site and send your suggestions.  Powerboat Superleague is proud of their association with Eco-First, Inc. and we welcome them back to Superleague’s Operation Green Prop as the official environmental services provider.

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