CoolShirt Systems becomes Newest Powerboat Superleague Championship Choice Sponsor

“It’s not just a shirt.  It’s the most effective (personal) heat prevention system.”

CoolShirt Systems has been the global leader in personal cooling systems since 1987. Used worldwide by more than 25,000 racecar drivers and teams, they will debut their cutting edge technology — an aid to body heat management in extreme conditions — to the powerboat racing community through a sponsorship agreement with Powerboat Superleague.  For the first time, COOL SHIRT SYSTEMS is bringing their product line to Superleague teams as part of the year-end Championship Choice awards program.

Originally developed as a method for cooling surgeons during the long hours, under intensive heat in the operating theater, the personal cooling systems now extends these innovative products for use by: first responders, football players, the military and industrial workers as well as in the motorsports arena.  Backed by experienced professionals with more than 70 years in the field, CoolShirt Systems holds 24 different patents.  Their mission to create products for personal body heat management allows for continuing improvement in the prevention of heat related illnesses.

“We are always looking for ways to improve racing conditions and safety.  We know that an association with CoolShirt will give drivers a system that will allow them to race in comfort during the hot summer months.  Part of our drivers’ briefing includes reminders to stay hydrated and to supplement their uniforms with some type of heat relief. This is the first time that we have found an efficient and reliable method of achieving our message,” stated Sherron Winer, Superleague partner.  “I have been a powerboat racing fan for years and am excited to have CoolShirt Systems become a part of this great sport,” said Bruce Baker, Racing Sales Director for CoolShirt Systems.  “I believe that the drivers will find that they will be quicker and safer using CoolShirt Systems,” added Baker.

Superleague is proud to be associated with a high-tech industry leader –the CoolShirt System and to offer a great Championship Choice for Superleague teams and fans.


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