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F1 PROP and Powerboat Superleague Announce joint Project – 2013 F2 CHALLENGE

F1 PROP/US F1 Powerboat Tour and Powerboat Superleague are pleased to announce a yearlong joint program for the Formula 2 (F2) class.  Designed to encourage sportsmanship between the APBA SST 120 and SST 200 classes, the program – the 2013 F2 Challenge – will give drivers and teams immediate benefits as well as a season ending purse and prize fund.

“In an effort to provide the best show for our race sites and teams in Formula 2, we feel this F2 challenge would be a good way to initiate team work amongst all parties including the series and promoters stated Jose Mendana Jr., F1 PROP/US F1 Powerboat Tour president. With the additional benefits for Formula 2 teams, we look to enhance Formula 2 races for both PROP and Powerboat Superleague without having any race weekend changes on either Series events. We look forward to working with Powerboat Superleague for the 2013 season.”

The idea behind the Challenge is to promote sportsmanship and participation.  F1 PROP and Superleague have agreed to simplify the membership requirements for entry fees: if driver/team is a member of either series, the membership entry fee, as stated in the APBA circular for individual races, will apply at any sanctioned PROP or Superleague event.  Additionally, bonus points will be given to each driver attending the race.  These attendance points go to the individual series high point competitions. Drivers/teams that belong to both organizations will receive attendance points in both individual high-point competitions.

“We believe that series have a responsibility to demonstrate not just professionalism but also good sportsmanship.  All of us (series organizers) recognize that without the cooperation of everyone, promoters, teams and venues, there is no future.  Working with F1 PROP and creating a driver/team challenge for the classes that we have in common is a logical step in making sure that race sites will have an excellent program and that teams will have an additional set of goals and benefits, stated Sam and Sherron Winer, Powerboat Superleague partners.

Currently both organizations have contributed $500 each to the joint F2 Challenge fund.  Using a simple point scale – 10 through 3 – the first and second place drivers/teams, from each class, earning the most points at the end of the year will share in the $1000 fund.  Prizes, including free entry fees will boost the value and the total package. The complete Challenge description and rules covering the F2 Challenge can be found on both the F1 PROP and Powerboat Superleague web sites: or

Additional information and/or questions can be directed via email to either organization – contact info is found on the web sites or via individual facebook pages.

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