Announcing NEW and BETTER MONEY for Pittsburgh

We know that everyone struggles to go powerboat racing.  We also know that many of our race sites have an equal struggle to raise sufficient funds to host a Powerboat Superleague event.  In some cases, we have managed to raise the prize fund; we have worked to find money for a yearend purse (money not just prizes).  Today, we are pleased to announce that the prize money in Pittsburgh has been increased substantially.  Regatta management understands that racing mid-week can be a hardship, therefore they have agreed to raise the money available to teams to make coming to the event easier. The weekend warrior awards for this race will be four (4) : two $100 awards to the F3 class and two $100 awards to the F2 class.  This means that 4 lucky teams will each receive a $100 check for this event provided that they are Superleague members.  As of today, the total amount of money for drivers is $16,500 (includes tow money for F3 class and the weekend warrior awards)

Here’s the new plan that offers a different breakdown of money.

F3 Class As we discussed with those drivers present in Knoxville, we will continue to pay the earned tow money but we will take the remainder of the purse and pay each driver a flat fee of $330 for participating.  Participating means that you must start at least the qualifying heats.  Most drivers will receive approximately $400 (or more) when the tow check is combined with the prize/participation check. Entry fee: $95 (member) $125 (non-member) Format: no changes; this class races only on July 3

F2 Class – Both SST 120 and SST 200 will be treated equally

Payout: $800 per entry to the first 12 boats – the first six SST 120 boats and the first six SST 200 boats in the final on July 4.  This amount replaces the former combination of tow money plus prize money. Bonus: $100 per entry if you agree to race both July 3 (see below) and July 4.  Special Event:  July 3 Cash Dash paying places 1 through 3 (on water finish) 1st – $300, 2nd – $200, 3rd – $100 Cash Dash format to be determined but will include time trials.  Entry Fee: one entry fee for both days – $145 (member) and $175 (non-member).  July 4 Format – classes will not race together for qualify heats.  Classes will be combined for final, but scored separately.  The start will be determined once the final field has been set and will be based on safety and weather/course conditions.

We think that the above idea puts as much money in all of your pockets as possible.

A note on other perks of Pittsburgh: Keep in mind that there a APBA bonus points at stake as well as a 1-hour television program.  This one will be seen on ROOT Sports (formerly known as Fox Sports – Pittsburgh).  Wile life in the fast lane in Pittsburgh isn’t easy and that is the case when there is a race in any large metro area, the fan base is one of the best and the crowds are in the 6-digit figures.  The Gazette will be out the first of next week, make sure you entry early to get the best opportunities for your share of the best combines purse that’s been available for many years!

If you have questions, concerns or a better idea, please call us – the office phone is 304.455.2049 and we are usually available from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.


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