AMSOIL Returns to Powerboat Superleague as a Championship Choice Sponsor

The combined efforts of AMSOIL and Rinker Racing have elevated the Powerboat Superleague year end points fund with the contribution of $2,500.00.  Returning to the Championship Choice Circle after a hiatus of four years, AMSOIL – the first in synthetics – and their sponsorship will allow Superleague drivers and teams to share in the money at the end of the season as well as receiving AMSOIL products formulated to the specific needs of the outboard racing engines at each Powerboat Superleague event.

Both classes – Formula 2 and Formula 3 – have a stake in the points fund and every driver/team, whether they place first or last, will earn a share if they are 2014 Powerboat Superleague members and have competed in a minimum two Superleague sanctioned races. Additionally, AMSOIL products will be distributed to each team at every event – allowing every race entry to learn first-hand the benefits of the AMSOIL product line.  Additionally, Powerboat Superleague has agreed to add to the total to make sure that all participants receive at least a $50 check at the end of the 2014 season.  (for prize fund breakdown see the box below)

You have a lot of money tied up in your equipment why trust it to anything less than the best from AMSOIL, the world’s leading synthetic lubricant manufacturer. In tunnel boat racing, in particular with the super stock classes, performance, reliability and engine durability are critical to reaching the finish line and AMSOIL understands.  Designed to protect engine components, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption and help to prevent environmental pollution, AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils out-perform conventional petroleum oils on all counts.

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Formula 2

1…$500,    2…$400,    3…$300,    4…$200,    5…$100

6 through 10…$100,    11 through end…$50

Formula 3

1…$200,    2…$175,    3…$150,    4…$100,    5…$50

6 through end ……….$50


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